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About Latricia's Bakery Boutique

What’s up world!

Latricia Here, I’m sure you want to know a little more about me and so as they would say in a part of the neck of my woods “Here I Is” and I’d be obliged to enlighten you on a little bit more about little old me…

Well, let’s just say I’m no simpleton at this, Entrepreneurship has been my ambition since the age of 7 years old, I was the child always seen alone, staring into space, deep thinking, quiet yet silly, sweet yet assertive, introverted with an undoubted genius many in my family would speak about, but also question.

You see, I’ve been destroying and reconstructing bags of flour and sugar since before I could tie my shoes, My poor mother had to indeed endure a lot of this…lol but, Hey! It definitely paid off in the long run, after years of trying to find me and my niche! I couldn’t believe the day I got the phone call from a talent scout in Hollywood to be on The “FOOD NETWORK “.

To be honest, I never knew I had this in me, You see I started out singing, and boy my voice took me just about everywhere. Then to my amazement, it stopped taking me places when I turned 21, but part of that was also due to me not liking to be on stage, me still trying to find myself as an artist, and Feeling confused, lost, and even found myself questioning my existence…

What is my purpose, God? Why give me this amazing gift and leave me to not desire to pursue music anymore, So long story short I stopped singing and worked hard at other talents I had like sewing and fashion, crafting and beadwork, and cosmetology but they didn’t make me feel tingly inside, either, I found out I was just naturally skilled at them…. So I was left with the question Now What? Do I just do them all, and be a Jill of all trades or what???

Skipping over into my beginning college years, I went to School to Major in Business Administration and found myself questioning life again, is this all there is God? This is life? I’m not supposed to be settling for this…I kept asking him, knowing deep down I had been given Huge dreams and desires, he’d given me artistic gifts I felt were suppressed and unused. But, what was it that I was still longing for, I had to find that thing, and truly find myself… Which after dropping out of college for Business and later going Back After, Becoming a Wife and Mother of two for Culinary Arts, I found was always my passion …I indeed found myself, and then BOOM! My life took a turn for absolute miracles I never Imagined!

I’m a self-taught Pastry Artist and Now Licensed Chef, I definitely didn’t expect this, and not just any old chef a Celebrity Chef, How crazy is that! I never dreamed of being on television, it just happened, and what’s even crazier is,

 I only started out baking for my children initially, when my family hit hard times and we couldn’t afford to have birthday parties for my children, we wanted to celebrate them, and I refused to see them go without, so I started making their birthday cakes, it took off, and Now I have a World-Renowned Business. I learned this,

“Your Breakthroughs always come at your Breaking points”

My children and Husband are my 3 Heartbeats. I went without eating and they had no idea, bc I kept a smile, bc they made me feel full, seeing them happy and sleeping well, I stretched meals and acted like I ate so they could enjoy their food and made my own clothing to afford to buy them new things! Not even my Husband knows I did this for him as well…

I’ve been baking since I was a small child and cooking, but I didn’t stick with it, bc I had other talents, but the passion and love for the science of baking and Food were always there. Baking and Cooking became my coping mechanism and, I found out always has been, which is why I was cooking meals for my mother’s house by the age of 11 years, always the apple in a group of oranges, always the gifted one, yet the introverted one at the same time. The artistic side came as a new outlet for me to be able to create my art, and share my other artistic abilities outside of my Singing everyone knew me for and my sewing. God had a great plan for me all along!

I have always loved sculpting and anything challenging. with every new cake, it’s a new challenge and with every new customer it’s another person for me to minister to and bring true joy into their lives, so I fell in love with it all the more. I found my ministry and my purpose! To be a beacon of hope, an example of hard work, and perseverance as well as true entrepreneurship to all those who know me.